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Personal Injury Cases

· Car rental support

· Home visits

· Help on surgery expenses

· Help on daily expenses (Up to 3 months after surgery)

· Case progress

· Access to Medical Specialists for adults and children: Orthopedics, neurosurgeons, pediatric, neurologists, pain management specialists, etc…

· Access to medical devices, knee brace, back brace, crutches, etc…

· Access to prescription drugs, ibuprofen, etc…

· Access to medical exams with no prior payment (MRI, x rays, Blood tests, Heart studies, EMG, NCV, Steroids vaccines, CT scans.)

Surgery hotel accommodations and travel expenses.

Property Damage Cases

· Free inspection with pictures to evaluate damages

· Expert inspecting services (plumbing, electrical, roofs, etc…)

· Help with temporary repair expenses (tarps, plumber and roofer)

· Hotel accommodation expenses

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